Skills List


Improv:  Gotham City Improv NY, Second City Improv, LA Comedy Festival Finalist (18 yrs)

Singing:  Bass/Baritone, Musical theater (6 yrs) Jazz Choir (4 yrs) Original cast recording of Game of Thrones: The Musical

Hosting:  Trained for interviews, testimonials, teleprompter (4yrs)

Clown:   Studied w/ Avner Eisenberg, Comedia Del Arte w/Don Jordan, Member of Everybody Nose LA, (10 yrs)

Juggling:  Can juggle three balls in 10 different patterns

Impressions:  Ernie,Swedish Chef, Popeye, Mickey Mouse, Al Pacino, Sean Connery

Writing:  Sold a feature film and several short films, Musical premiered at NY Fringe Festival

Directing:  BFA degree in directing. Selected for several film festivals, Directed for LA Fringe, and Ny Fringe, Nominated for Best Director for a musical by BroadwayworldLA

Accents:  Voice and Speech training (6yrs) British, Irish, Italian, Boston, Southern


Expert with guns, Trained for automatic weapons, handguns/pistols, rifle, Crossbow, Longbow

Expert sword fighter with Rapier, Rapier and Dagger, Broad Sword, Short Sword, Sword and shield, Sabres (14yrs)

Expert in hand to hand combat for stage and film (14yrs)

Weapons expert in Bo staff, Escrima Sticks, Kamas, Nunchucks (10 yrs)

Member of Society of American Fight Directors, Stunt for severals films/theater (14yrs)

Acrobatics, Pratt falls, high falls, dive rolls, Falling down stairs, basic wire work



Boxing, Have taken a series of boxing classes

Football, Played JV and Varsity Football in High School. Defense MVP Junior Year

Rock climbing, Trained to Belay for top rope, Belayed ropes course (4yrs) Climb indoor/outdoor

Racquetball, High intensity player both singles and doubles

Volleyball, Played varsity all four years in High School, Setter, 2 man beach and 6 man indoor

Horseback riding, Have ridden several horses. Trotting, Galloping, Running

Roller blading since I was 8 years old

Weight lifting Personal, trainer for 3 yearsCross fit, P90X

Yoga, Have gone to dozens of workshops and classes

Expert motorcycle rider, CA M1 Drivers License (8yrs) Own Black 2015 Honda Phantom 800cc

Jet Ski, Have done basic turning tricks and low jumps


Painting/Drawing, Featured exhibits in dozens of LA Galleries (10 yrs)

Professional photographer, Work has been sold in galleries in LA and NY, Shot for Werk Magazine NY, Won the Scholastic Golden Key Award, (16yrs)

Bartender,  Have taken mixology workshops, Bartended VIP room for music festivals

Expert cook, Excellent knife skills.

Walking on hot coals 10ft, 50+ times






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